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360° video simply wraps a spherical video around your head, allowing the user to turn around inside that sphere and look wherever they choose to,
unlike Virtual Reality you do not walk around inside a 360° video, the video will change to take you on a journey while you remain in the 1 real world spot.

Vasily Petrenko conducts the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Change the way people remember an experience, some remember an immersive experience as if they've actually been there, giving you the freedom look around your environment the experience becomes more realistic than watching a 2D video on a screen.


We filmed the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra standing right in front of Vasily Petrenko (conductor), this is an experience you couldn't even pay to have in real life, and people are blown away every time when we give them the experience .

Training: Imagine being in a very dangerous environment without you being in any danger of harm, being able to associate with a situation because you've seen it before gives you the tools you need to make better choices. RedNoise and our Alternative Realities Development Project MOnster360 will work with you plan, design, and execute your project, awareness of an environment or even further into Virtual Reality, VR is especially good for activities that would be dangerous in real life, allowing the user to interact, make choices, and fail at something without harm and then try again.

Allow  visitors from all over the world to take a virtual tour of your building, premises, workplace, show them around using a presenter, provide perception of size and space.

This equirectangular screenshot is from a 360 tour of Liverpool Town Hall, we were lucky enough to meet the Lord Mayor and Consort in Chambers.

Education: Fancy a trip to a prehistoric age to walk with real dinosaurs ? stand inside an erupting volcano, or just a quick trip to the Great Wall of China before lunch ?

360° immersive video can be both real world footage, or computer generated images, or a mixture of both, we are also able to composite (add objects into the virtual space.)

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