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Pokemon Go - Ikea - BMW - Just some of the people who have embraced new technologies such as AR, and experienced excellent results.

Augmented Reality Applications deliver a whole new world of interaction for anyone who will potentially interact with you or your business. Using simple targeting technology users are able to obtain information about buildings, objects, products, and interact with them without the need of a human nor safety net.

Imagine being able to point your device at a poster, leaflet, booklet or business card, and a video screen appears with a complete presentation about you or your product.
It's not only the 'eye candy' factor that attracts people, augmented reality applications are extremely useful, extremely informative, and thats not only to the end user.
You, as the owner, have a direct path to that user. We are currently developing new techniques for applying AR technology in real world environments.


Augmented Reality Development



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  • Planning and Development of concept
  • Framework development
  • Audio Visual Content production
  • 3D modelling
  • Animation;
  • Continual Support

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Promotional video, Advertising, Product Information, Public Information, YouTube,…


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Augmented Reality | Multi-disciplinary development | Real World Integration

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