Digital Powerhouse 

Whatever type of video content you are looking for, RedNoise can offer you a professional  and personal service.
We will design your project with you, advising you of the most cost effective way to achieve your result, and offering creative ideas every step of the way.

We have a vast amount of experience in video production, YouTube to broadcast TV, we have a proven track record to show that we really know our stuff.

We will help you to communicate your message.


Video Production | Animation | Product Presentations | Encoding | Training | Tutorials | Inductions | Video Marketing | Post Production

We excel at creating outstanding high-quality film and animation projects, from concept to delivery, we have much experience in the production of many types of programmes, broadcast TV, short film, drama, corporate video, public information, educational presentations, detailed explanatory visualisations, talking heads and testimonials.

We are lucky enough to have special relationships with a host of celebrity presenters, narrators, and actors, working with professionals always helps things to go swimmingly well.

How can we help ?

  • Complete project design, production, management;
  • Storyboard / script writing / development;
  • Filming, audio recording, studio, green screen or location;
  • Post production;
  • Animation;
  • Encoding for all outputs including unusual formats;

Making every project a success is far more important to us than anything, when you know a project works and everyone is happy, the feeling is priceless

Video Production

Promotional video, Advertising, Product Information, Public Information, YouTube,…


Sell your goods online, We will create your online store, designed to represent you best

Real World Interactive

Augmented Reality | Multi-disciplinary development | Real World Integration

360° Video

360° Immersive Video | Virtual Tour of your operations, transform training, educational…